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    Today, January 7th is a Remote Learning Day!


    What We Do When We are on a Remote Learning Day

    1. Visit the LRHS school website.  Since you are already here reading this, good job!  You've already completed Step 1!
    2. Next, you need to attend school.  How do you do that from home, you might ask? 
      1. Start by logging into your Google account, using your Chromebook.  You did bring that home, right?  If not, you can login into your Google account from any computer or even your cell phone, if you have one.
      2. Follow the schedule below, and make sure, make very, very sure, that you have made contact with each teacher during the schedule below by accessing their Google Classrooms
    3. So for example, at the beginning of each class, read and follow the teachers written instructions for the day.
      1. This will include clicking the Google Meet button.  Yes, you get to see your friends on a snow day!
      2. Show your face, don't show your face, whatever makes you comfortable.  Just make sure you listen to your teacher, and let them know you are in class. 
      3. You are required to attend the Meet for the entirety of the lesson, answer questions, and such.  You might also have some assignments to do during the class period. Your teacher may release you to do some independent school work outside the Meet, and have you check back in before the end of the period.  This is a requirement to be considered present.  Your teacher will be available during entirety of the period for questions and checks for understanding.
      4. If you have troubles with internet issues, no worries.  Just email your teacher that you are there, and that you are do the classwork for the day. 
      5. If you do nothing, no Google Meet, no email, no school work, you are considered absent, and we will call to get an excuse from your parent.
    4. You are going to repeat these steps for each class on a Remote Learning Day.  Below are the times you must check in with your teacher to see what they have planned for you to do while you learn from home.


    1st period: 8:30 am - 9:26 am  
    2nd period: 9:31 am - 10:27 am
    3rd period: 10:32 am - 11:28 am
    4th period: 11:33 am - 12:29 pm
    Lunch: 12:29 pm -12:59 pm
    5th period: 1:04 pm - 2:00 pm


    How Do I Access my Google Classroom?


    Watch this Video!




    Great story on LRHS Bronco, Nick Labes.  Definitely worth watching!

    KREM 2 News 


    Graduation 2021


    Weekly Learning Schedule

    Monday - Thursday

    1st 8:30 - 9:40

    2nd 9:45 - 10:55

    3rd 11:00 - 12:10

    Lunch 12:10 -12:45

    4th 12:50 - 2:00

    5th 2:05 - 3:15


    1st 8:30 - 9:07

    2nd 9:12 - 9:49

    3rd 9:54 - 10:31 

    4th 10:36 - 11:13

    Lunch 11:13 - 11:48

    5th 11:53 - 12:30

    12:30 - 2:00 Intervention / Enrichment



       Attendance Stuff...please excuse your kids early and often!

    Please report attendance for
    High School Students only to our attendance line, 
    or the attendance texting line,

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