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High School and Beyond
  • What is the High School and Beyond Plan?

    To graduate from high school, all students must develop a High School and Beyond Plan on how they will meet the high school graduation requirements and what they will do following high school. A student’s plan, which starts in middle school and is revised as he/she moves forward, should include the classes need to prepare for a postsecondary pathway, such as a two-year or four-year college, technical college, apprenticeship program, certificate program, the workforce or military training. (ESHB 2224)

    Required elements of the High School and Beyond Plan, at a minimum, are:

    • Identification of career goals based on a career interest and skills inventory or assessment,
    • Identification of educational goals,
    • A four-year course plan that fulfills graduation requirements and aligns with career and educational goals,
    • And a resume or activity log by the end of twelfth grade that provides a written compilation of student’s education, any work experience, and any community service and how the school district has recognized the community service pursuant to RCW 28A.320.193.

    How Do I Access my Planning Tool?

    High school students click here and search for "Ritzville School District" if you live in Ritzville.  If you live in Lind, search for "Lind School District."

    Type in your username and password that you use to log into your Skyward Student Access.  If you do not know your username and password, contact Mrs. Balfe in the high schol office. 

    How do I get approved for a completed High School and Beyond Plan?  

    You download and print this document.  In order to submit it for approval, the student and the parent/guardian need to sign the form indicating all sections are complete.  Click Here for the form. 

    Download the Lind-Ritzville Course Catalog

    Catalog   Download File Here

    * = Course is not offered next school year

    ** = College in the High School / AP / Community College Credit Available