• Please Note: This information is subject to change as guidance evolves. 

    2022-23 COVID-19 Protocols  


    It is more important than ever to remind our community that children who are ill should be kept home regardless of symptom severity. This includes a cold or flu-type illness. Please do not send your child to school sick! Remember, illness is not solely determined by temperature. Illness may present as a variety of symptoms including congestion, cough, sniffles, and sore throats. If you're not sure whether your child should come to school, check out this DOH COVID-19 Symptom Flowchart (Updated 2/6/23)  Click Here


    2022-23 School Guidance

    Our goal is to keep our schools open, and students learning in-person, safely. The guidance provided by the Adams County Health District and WA Department of Health is subject to change frequently. Here are the most recent requirements for K-12 COVID response protocols:
     WA DOH COVID-19 Guidance for Schools (Updated 10/25/22)  Click Here  


    COVID-19 Testing

    LRCS will continue to offer free voluntary COVID-19 testing for all LRCS staff and students.  Please see the COVID-19 Testing Information on the LRCS website at www.lrschools.org


    Thank you for helping us to keep our schools healthy!