• Policy #3126

    Child Custody

    Child Custody

    The board of directors presumes that the person who enrolls a student in school is the residential parent of the student. The residential parent is responsible for decisions regarding the day-to-day care and control of the student. Parents or legal guardians have rights to receive information contained in the school records concerning their child and to forbid or permit the disclosure of such information to others, subject to the authority granted to the residential parent.

    The board, unless informed otherwise, assumes that there are no restrictions regarding the nonresidential parent's right to be kept informed of the student's school progress and activities. If restrictions are made relative to the above rights, the residential parent will be requested to submit a certified copy of the court order that curtails these right(s). If these rights are questioned by the nonresidential parent, the issue will be referred to law enforcement authorities for resolution.

    Unless there are court-imposed restrictions, the nonresidential parent, upon request, will be given grade reports, notices of school activities, reports of disciplinary actions, or notices of teacher or principal conferences or summaries.

    If there is a court order on file with the district that restricts and/or prohibits any parent or other person from contact with a student at school or picking up a student from school, then the district will not permit the student to visit with or be released to that parent, or other person.

    Cross References:                  Policy 2420                        Grading and progress reports

                                                              3124                        Removal/Release of Students During School Hours

                                                              3231                        Student Records

                                                              4200                        Safe and Orderly Learning Environment

                                                              4310                        Relations with Law Enforcement, Child Protective Agencies and County Health Department

    Legal References:       CFR 45, Part 99                            Family education rights and privacy act

                                        RCW  13.34.200                           Order terminating parent and child relationship

                                                   26.09.184                           Permanent parenting plan

    Management Resources:      

                                        Policy News, October 2008          Child Custody      

                                        Policy News, December 2008      Child Custody

    Adoption Date: 05.28.13

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