• Policy #2220

    School Calendar

    School Calendar

    In order to permit staff, students and parents to make plans for their own work and vacation schedules, the board will adopt a school calendar or calendars by June 1 of each year. Multiple calendars may be developed where some schools are on modified school calendars for the forthcoming school year. Following board action, staff, students, parents and patrons will be advised of the school calendar(s).

    Legal References:       RCW    28A.150.203                       School year — Beginning — End

                                                   28A.150.220                       Basic Education Act — Definitions — Program requirements — Program accessibility — 

                                                                                               Rules and regulations

                                                   28A.330.100(7)                  Additional powers of board

    Adoption Date:

    Lind-Ritzville Cooperative Schools

    Revised: 3/25/2013