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    Attestation Screening Prior to Arriving in Person at Lind-Ritzville Cooperative Buildings

    If you or your student is entering a building in the Lind-Ritzville Cooperative School District, prior to arriving, you will be required to complete an attestation survey. This survey is our way of approving your entry into our building. You may complete the survey online or at the entrance to our buildings. All buildings will have the survey at the main entrance to the buildings.

    Please select the link below that best matched your role (parent/student, employee or visitor)

    After clicking the link, please bookmark the page on your computer, or save it to your Favorites or to your Home Screen on your personal device.

    Provided below are:

    • Lind Elementary Attestation Links 

    Student - Lind Elementary School Student

    Employee - Lind Elementary School Employee

    Visitory - Lind Elementary School Visitor



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