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    LRHS All-Remote Learning Details


     For every day of the all remote learning / building closure, every student will be expected to do the following routine:

    1. By 8:45 AM, review each of your teacher’s learning plans that are posted on their Google Classroom sites.  

    2. All students will be expected to check in with all of their teachers for that day either through Google Meets (live video chat), phone (509-659-1720), or email.  This must be done during the scheduled learning time noted on the Google Classroom page.  If you do not check in, you may be considered absent.

    3. Depending on the class, you may be required to watch live instructional video, or watch teacher instructional videos posted on Google Classroom.  

    4. All school tasks will be assigned due dates. 

    5. If a student does not check in and does not complete any school work for the day, the student is absent. Absences can be excused by parents if they call into the school office.

    6. If students run into technical issues, please contact the high school office, and we will make accommodations based on the issue.

    For every day of the all remote learning / building closure, every teacher is expected to do the following routine:

    1. Review this process regularly with students, so they are prepared for the shift.

    2. By 8 AM, post the learning plans, instructions, materials, and due dates for the assigned tasks for the day or week on their Google Classroom sites.

    3. Be available to check in with each class at the beginning to the end of each class, using Google Meets, phone, or Gmail. 

    4. Provide, as necessary, instructional support via live video, chat, or recorded lessons. 

    5. Limit the assigned tasks to what is achievable with limited face-to-face interaction, accessibility of materials, and learning support while students are at home. 

    6. Respond to emails and grade assignments in a timely manner.

    7. Contact parents if a student is not attending class or is not regularly completing school work.


    Weekly Learning Schedule

    Mondays / Wednesdays 

    1st 8:30 - 9:55  
    2nd 10 - 11:25 
    3rd 11:30 - 12:15
    3rd 12:45 - 1:40 
    4th 1:40 - 3:10 


    Tuesdays/ Thursdays 
    5th 8:30 - 9:55
    6th  10 - 11:25
    7th 11:30 - 12:15
    7th 12:45 - 1:40
    8th 1:40 - 3:10


    8:30 AM - 10:30 AM




    How Do I Access my Google Classroom?


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    How Do I Access my Edgenuity Account?


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    Attendance Stuff...please excuse your kids early and often!

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    High School Students only to our attendance line, 
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