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    First day of school for the 2019-20 school year is Tuesday, September 3rd!  




    Ritzville High School Modernization Project - July 2019 update 

    The high school project is moving forward with no foreseeable delays in starting school.  Landscaping and other work will likely continue after school picks up again, but interior work should be finished with no impact on the back-to-school timeline.  In fact, the installation of new furnishings is set to begin August 12th.  That's right, new furnishings! We were able to secure State funding that covers nearly all (87%) of the costs.  

    Like any major project there have been a number of "unforeseeable" issues which have eaten away at the "contingency" funds set aside for this purpose.  Even so, it looked like we would sail into the home-stretch in good shape; however, a recent discovery is proving quite challenging--roofing at Gilson Gymnasium.  

    As it turns out, there has been an unknown problem festering over the years.  A large accumulation of moisture has been building up between multiple layers of the old, older, and original roofing.  One of those layers is asphaltic material that contains asbestos.  This moisture problem can't be ignored and; unfortunately, the needed corrections are expensive.  

    Introduction of moisture into the asphaltic roofing requires that it be removed along with the other layers of roofing.  The older, tar-like roofing is difficult to take up but the roofing crew says they have encountered this scenario many times before and are confident they can remove all or nearly all of the material.  Layers of exterior insulation, damaged by moisture, must also be removed and replaced.  All of this work must be completed before the planned for, new roofing membrane can be installed. 

    The roofing project could take up to 6 weeks.  Contractors believe it will be safe to continue and use the facilities as work proceeds. 

    The additional work totals $413,000.00, but when completed, the new roofing will continue to protect this valuable facility for years to come. 


    Don Vanderholm
    Lind-Ritzville Cooperative Schools  



     During the LRHS Modernization Project 

    The Ritzville School District Office has relocated
    to Ritzville Grade School. 
    RSD phone number (509)659-1660



    Please report attendance for your
    LRHS Students to 
    or text 509-347-6578.